Ultra High Definition Plasma Cutting Services

Plasma cutting services

Orrell Group Engineering Ltd have invested over £200,000 in the latest CNC Machinery to bring you the best quality products. With our new 30,000 sq/ft manufacturing facility we can accommodate the biggest projects to small fast turn over projects.

Our most recent is the KERF ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION PLASMA capable of cutting up-to 65mm thick steel like butter. With the 8m bed it really puts us as the TOP CHOICE for all your laser quality cut parts.

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Ultrasharp Plasma Range

UltraSharp is a process that is constantly being enhanced by Kerf Developments and its technology partners. The process uses proven material databases to consistently cut components of the highest possible quality. The system works out the most appropriate speeds and feed, gas pressures and most appropriate lead-in and lead-out strategies for a given component or nest of components.

The UltraSharp plasma cutting process should be considered as a cost effective alternative to laser for a large majority of fabrication applications