Bunded Fuel Tanks

We can offer a wide range of bunded fuel tanks, in sizes ranging from 100 litres to 60,000 litres to suit individual needs.

bunded fuel tanks
bunded fuel tanks
fuel handling
bunded fuel tanks
bunded fuel tanks
bunded fuel tanks
bunded fuel tank
fuel tanks
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We can also manufacture bunded fuel stores for yards and work sites. In addition to this we can also offer a bespoke build for Hook Lift trailers to carry red or white fuel and Ad blue. An experienced team of fabricators will ensure your fuel tank is top quality.

Wide range of fuel handling equipment available to suit every budget, including pumps, nozzles, gauges and flow meters.

Please see a list of prices below of just the tanks, other sizes of bunded fuel tanks are available on request. Call us today for a competitive price, please note on top of these prices you need the optional extras of:

Please be aware currently there is a 20% increase in prices due to steel costs, the below prices are pre-price increase, as we hope we can maintain this structure if steel shortages end.

  • Pumps from 12-24v or mains
  • Locking cabinets
  • Roller shutters
  • Filter system
  • Retractable hoses
  • Auto nozzles
  • High flow pumps
  • Special build
Overall Size
L x W x H (mm)
 (Ex VAT)
1250 x 1000 x 1220500£1,000
1350 x 1000 x 1220850£1,010
1600 x 1000 x 12201000£1,120
1900 x 1000 x 12201400£1,150
2500 x 1000 x 12202000£1,190
2500 x 1000 x 14702500£1,300
2500 x 1250 x 14703000£1,535
3000 x 1500 x 20705000£2,340

Wide choice of colours, plus optional extras including storage racks also available on request.

We occasionally have tanks in stock for sale, keep an eye on our Current Stock.

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