Grading Beams

Our grading beams are British made with a heavy duty design, built with double rams for more stability. In addition, they also have a unique bolt on head stock so you can interchange them to fit different machine sizes.  Not only useful for your own machines, but from a re-sale point of view. Head stocks are also made in house, along with all fabrication work at our site.

We are able to offer deals on multiple orders. We also have opportunities for those wishing to stock these for sale.

Looking for something a little different? Please call our team who will be happy to discuss your requirements.

grading beams


  • British Made
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Double rams
  • Option of wear edge
  • Choice of colours
  • Choice of widths
  • Bolt on head stocks, made to order
Prices for grading beams (Head stocks sold separately): Please Note All Prices Vary Daily Due to Material Cost…
  • 1.2m £850 + vat
  • 1.5m £999 + vat
  • 1.8m £1,150 + vat
  • 2.0m £1,200 + vat
  • 2.5m £1,350 + vat
Optional Extras:
  • Wear edge strips:
  • 1.2m £120 + vat
  • 1.5m £140 + vat
  • 1.8m £160 + vat
  • 2.0m £160 + vat
  • 2.5m £180 + vat
  • Head stock bought with grading beam £185 + vat
  • Head stock brought separately £240 + vat
Grading beams
grading beams

I’d been searching for a grading beam for a while, I came across these ones made by Orrell Group via their Facebook ads. I got in touch with them and discussed my requirements with their workshop manager. We talked through options, he gave me a quote and I ordered my grading beam, which was made with a quick lead time. I’m very happy with the finished product and I would highly recommend.