Name Plates and Other Services

Here at Orrell Group we don’t just create Skips, we also can create name plates, signs and offer a wide range of other services, including a folding service and plasma cut parts. In addition to these services we also offer contracting services, have a read about it on our sister site

Some of the services we offer:

  • Plasma cut parts
  • Folding service
  • Name plates
  • Signs
  • Metal signage
  • Spray painting

Our ability to create bespoke items gives you the opportunity to create a fantastic ‘look’ to your house or business, as well as being a perfect unique gift to give to a friend or loved one. See below for some of our more recent commissions.

Stay tuned for special offers and discounts on plasma cut parts, plates and signs. We can also help with existing projects, repairs and construction of steel buildings.

Get in touch with your design ideas and specifics and let us create the rest. Fantastic choice on site, style and colours. Quick turnaround. Our signs are perfect for a personalized, creative and long lasting gift. We can also create signs for businesses, offices or even your horses stable door!

Another of our 2020 commissions on behalf of Mr Middleton, was the ‘Iron Man’ who some locals may recognize, he’s located in York Village. Standing around 8 ft tall he is an impressive creation!

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